NETGEAR (MC227BL) Meural Canvas – Smart Digital Frame

  • Meural Digital Canvas renders images lifelike and textured from every angle with glare-free finish and auto-dimming to suit the space, the mood, and the moment
  • Easily upload, crop and filter your own photos – Large 27″ display with 1080p resolution connects to WiFi | supports images and video
  • Get unlimited access to the Meural library of 40,000+ works of art with $69.95 annual Meural Membership*, giving you access to a world of diverse art – from classic to contemporary. *Sold separately
  • Browse art and customize settings with a wave of your hand or the Meural app (iOS or Android), or with your voice through Alexa integration
  • Hang your Canvas in portrait or landscape – it’s easy to switch, and orientation is automatically detected


Introducing the Meural Canvas II

Show off what you love in lifelike detail. Bring an ever-changing library of 30,000+ works to your wall—and your own photography—all in one frame. The Canvas II comes in 2 sizes and 4 colors.

Meural evolves and transforms the world of art into a lifelike digital experience that will enrich your  home, enlighten your interests, and inspire your guests.

Unlock a world of art and display what’s distinctly you. Curate and present unique artwork  by style, season, time of day, or even your mood. Meural allows you to showcase the many facets of your  personality from a single frame.

Showcase all of your best shots without being discouraged by the price of printing and framing. Hugged by real wood and optimized with our patented TrueArt Technology, each photo is displayed to perfection.

A collection of Canvases. Meural is designed for any space.

Select the size and frame color that fits seamlessly into your home.

Bring every brushstroke to life.

Our patented TrueArt Technology delivers lifelike art at every angle, making the Meural Canvas a masterpiece in its own making.

Lighting is everything.

Our specialized anti-glare matte display and ambient light sensor ensures that 16.7 million colors from true blacks to rich hues are picture perfect.

Reframe the way you display your photography.

Upload, crop, and filter your own images with the Meural app or website. And with the Canvas II’s side door, access to ports for SD card upload is quick and easy.

Turning the past to the present is simple—just wave your hand or tap an app.

Explore, discover and curate art, adjust Canvas settings, and more with the Meural app (iOS and Android) or my.meural website from anywhere. Or relax and use supported voice controls (like Alexa) to find a new masterpiece.

Make your decor dynamic.

Curate your favorite works, personalize your Canvas settings, and schedule display times to suit your mood or routine. And if you’re looking for something new, Meural can even surprise you.

Horizontal or vertical.

The Canvas II automatically knows its orientation—and with the Swivel Mount it’s easy to switch.

Old art, new art, and everything in between.

Fuel your passion by exploring a virtually endless library of 30,000+ works of iconic and emerging art from across the world. And with a Meural Membership you’ll make the most of your Canvas.

Tech specs


Canvas II 16×24

Height: 24.3 inches (61.72 cm)

Width: 16.3 inches (41.40 cm)

Depth: 1.4 inches (3.55 cm)

Weight: 15.49 lbs (7.034 kg)

Canvas II 19×29

Height: 28.9 inches (73.40 cm)

Width: 18.6 inches (47.24 cm)

Depth: 1.4 inches (3.55 cm)

Weight: 19.74 lbs (8.954 kg


Canvas II 16×24

21.5 inch (54.61 cm) 1080p AHVA LCD display with anti-glare technology

optimized for art 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution

Canvas II 19×29

27 inch (68.58 cm) 1080p AHVA LCD display with anti-glare technology

optimized for art 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution


Memory & storage


8GB storage


1.8 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A17


Gesture detectors (for both vertical and horizontal orientations)

Ambient light sensor

Power button sensor


WiFi 5 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) + BT 4.1


Located behind side door

Micro USB

SD card slot


Located on back

DC Power port





1/4” drill bit

Phillips head screwdriver

Hanging location


Power outlet

In the box

Meural Canvas II

Power adapter (8 ft. power cord)

Cleaning cloth

Wall anchors (dry wall)

Wall mount with liquid level

No-slip grip

Each Canvas II comes with 42 preloaded images and access to 100 sampler images from Meural’s art library.

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น้ำหนัก10 kg
ขนาด100 × 60 × 15 cm